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Bellevue Mortgage Broker


     My office is in the Bellevue -  Kirkland area in Seattle's Eastside.  I find home loans for borrowers with good credit or poor credit, purchases or refinances.


I am a Bellevue -  Kirkland area broker, I offer the following services for all borrowers.

  • fast approvals, fast processing, fast closings 
  • 0% down 
  • Can't verify income
  • Seller pays closing costs
  • Cash out refinancing
  • self-employed
  • 100% financing

Bellevue-Kirkland Mortgage Broker for Borrowers with Poor Credit

   My business is providing hope for borrowers with poor credit by making loans to borrowers 

  • with past bankruptcy

  • behind in mortgage payments

  • in foreclosure


Bellevue - Kirkland Mortgage Broker for Borrowers with Good Credit

   I also have mortgage plans that  rewards borrowers with good credit with

  • low rates

  • high loan-to-value

  • fast closings

  • minimal hassle