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To Use the Calculator

Approximate your monthly payment.

Enter the values in the form to your left and press the "calculate" button.

This mortgage calculator will allow you to add in most other basic monthly charges such as homeowners insurance and dues. However, you do not need to supply these values if you don't have them or if you are not interested in the full PITI.  (Principal, interest, taxes and insurance.)

This calculator should only be used to give you a fair approximation.  A loan officer, can give you a much better idea of your monthly payment based on several factors

  1. The loan program that best suits your needs.
  2. Your credit rating and an approximate interest rate

  Many people want the lowest payment they can afford.  The lowest mortgage loan payments come from "interest only" programs.   For more information about "interest only" programs call 425 269-5823 or apply now.  Find out how much home you can afford.


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