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     Trust Us; Home Mortgage Loans start with Credit

     Credit scores are composed of a mid-score from the three major credit bureaus: Experion, Trans Union and Equifax.  These scores determine more about your loan than any single factor, except your income.  These credit bureaus are thorough and know more about you than you do yourself.  Some factors in your credit include late payments, bankruptcy and other court judgments, public lien records and how much you owe on credit cards and other consumer debt.  You will find a history of student loans, court ordered child support....you name it.  If it's part of your credit profile, it's on your report.  The bureaus track where you live and how long you have been there.  

     Your credit score is also effected by how many times your credit is checked.  If you have applied for credit at every department store in town, the worry is that you are about to go on a major shopping spree.  This is true even if you do not take out a single card.  

     Most people have a good idea of whether their credit is OK or not.  For more information on what your credit means, see the pages for good credit and poor credit.  If you do not know where you stand, please contact us.  


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