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     Cathy Waidelich is a real estate agent with Windermere Real Estate at the Juanita, Kirkland branch and Paul Waidelich is a loan officer with Lender Network of Kirkland.  Together, they form One Stop Homes and Loans, Inc.  

     What does this partnership mean to you?  Ask Danielle & Phil, a couple they helped to find their first home.  Danielle & Phil are in their 20s,  married 3 years & had no family in the area to guide them through their first home purchase.  They relied a LOT on both Paul and Cathy.   Danielle & Phil found a home on a Sunday afternoon and fell in love with it.  It was a beautiful home, brand new, close in and priced to sell. They planned to make an offer Monday after work.  Cathy knew the home would receive multiple offers and she wanted Danielle and Phil to be first in line.  She recommended they make an offer right away, because the home was a great buy and she knew it would go fast.  The home cost more than they had anticipated, and they wanted to make certain they qualified before risking their earnest money. 

   Danielle & Phil needed access to their loan officer Sunday night.  Cathy called Paul.  He ran the numbers with the new scenario.  The new home was still within the boundaries of their qualifications.  Without word from their loan officer on a Sunday night, Danielle and Phil  could not have moved forward.  Now it was "a go".  They signed their offer at 8:00 PM that night.   Sure enough, the builder accepted their offer at 8:00 AM Monday, the next morning.  That day he received 3 more offers.   Danielle and Phil most likely would have lost the home if they would have waited until the next evening and been fourth in line.    

     Multiple offer situations are just one of the many reasons you should use Paul and Cathy.  They are available to one another 24/7.  Most real estate deals that go sour are a result of poor communication between the lender and the real estate agent.   Over time, these two have ironed out the wrinkles.  He finds the money, she finds the homes.  It sounds simple.  It's not.  By using Paul and Cathy as your One Stop for Homes and Loans, you get the assurance of top service and peace of mind.


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