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Seattle Mortgage Loans

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     When you want a Seattle home mortgage loan, why wait when I can get you a great loan now?  I have what you are looking for! 

     Why miss out on historic low interest rates?  Many people, particularly first time homebuyers,  feel they will be better off waiting for something to change.  Here are some reasons we hear constantly.

  • We're waiting for our credit to improve.  If you are a renter and feel you need to have better credit, let us help.  We can get you into a starter home that will improve your credit dramatically if you pay your mortgage on time.

  • We want to save more money for a down payment.  Sounds nice, but do the math.  Homes are appreciating about 1% a month, depending on your area.  On a $200,000 starter home, that's $2,000 a month.  Even if you only wanted to put 10% down, you have to save $200 a month just to stay even.  Let can get you into a starter home now and start building equity. 

  • We're particular, and don't want just any starter home.  We're going to wait.  We understand your first home may not be the Home Of Your Dreams.  However, the longer you wait the more expensive those starter homes become.  They are in reach of your budget because of these historic low interest rates.  Waiting for a better home in your price range may be unrealistic.  Buy now.  Build equity.  Stop making your landlords payment.  In a couple years you can use your equity to move up to a better home.  


Don't wait!  Apply Now

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